Jaguars vs Steelers: 5 rookies to watch

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Jun 16, 2015; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Rashad Greene (13) returns a punt during minicamp at the Florida Blue Health and Wellness Practice Fields. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

4) Rashad Greene, Wide Receiver, Fifth-Round, Jacksonville Jaguars

Rashad Greene is a rookie to get excited about on the Jacksonville Jaguars squad. Fighting to make a name for himself in a position that is seemingly more and more log-jammed.

While looking at the young receiver, keep in mind that his final role may not be as a rotational receiver but as a returner. Keep an eye on him in special teams to see if he can provide a spark more than the other guys who are competing.

But it’s no fun to take a guy like Greene and pigeonhole him as a special teams player. This is a wide receiver with the skill set to really put together something special given the chances to succeed and the dedicated work put in. I think he could be one of the receivers for the Jaguars and I would be surprised if we didn’t see him get a few looks through the preseason.

Do those looks come in the first game against the Steelers or do they come further down the road? The starters likely won’t be on the field for more than a series or two during this first preseason game, so a guy like Greene could see much more time on the field.

I would like to see something electrifying from Greene, but it may be a bit much to hope for a this point. I’ll settle for seeing him run quality routes and play cleanly. I don’t think Greene finds himself sliding off the roster at the bottom of the depth chart, but he’ll have to prove versatile for the Jaguars to find more value in him.

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