Can Luke Bowanko edge out Stefen Wisniewski?


Luke Bowanko entered the NFL as a sixth round draft pick and found himself starting on one of the worst offensive lines in the league. The young center did some things right but also took his lumps. Expected to come back bigger and better in year two, he also has to beat out a veteran center in the newly-acquired Stefen Wisniewski.

Wisniewski has years of starting experience under his belt, he’s been in the new offensive system before while with the Oakland Raiders, and he’s a more polished offensive lineman overall.

We’ve highlighted this training camp battle through the offseason and as the first preseason game draws near, we’re continuing to take looks at it. For now, it seems neck and neck and the coaching staff wants to get a decision done by the third preseason game.

So for Luke Bowanko and Stefen Wisniewski it will come down to the time they get with the first team during those games. Offensive coordinator Greg Olson has said they will both get one game to start during the preseason.

This should allow for better evaluation of the two players, regardless if one of them comes out and completely dominates or falls on his face. While we don’t know which player will get the start in the first game and which in the second, I imagine that if Bowanko or Wisniewski comes out and completely rocks it in the first game, they will come a lot closer to wrapping the starting gig up.

The more raw Bowanko is learning from the more polished Wisniewski, making this a positive relationship and outcome no matter what the final result is. The coaching staff likes Bowanko and if he isn’t able to take the starting job during his one preseason start, expect him to continue to vie for the position through the year and into next year.

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