Luke Joeckel looks downright dangerous


Luke Joeckel is making the most of his time on the practice field, showing off in his first true offseason.

Watch out opposing defenses, this is one big, straight up nasty looking left tackle right now. Warning, he may be dangerous.

While it’s easy to get completely hyped on players during training camp, it’s important to note Joeckel’s progress as a player. From being injured to playing underweight on a unit filled with underperforms, it’s been tough for Joeckel to get his feet under him so far in his career. So far, it looks like he’s doing a much better job of it in 2015.

Just look at that drive. He’s certainly got his legs under him now. And man is he as big as a tank!

It isn’t just the eye test worth noting, however. It’s also that Joeckel finally seems comfortable, his body is in the right spot and he’s able to use it like he intends.

Keeping track of the practices, Ryan O’Halloran has Joeckel winning matchups, keeping himself clean and shoving the defender around.

So far, it looks like Joeckel is becoming the player the Jaguars always hoped that he would be. General manager Dave Caldwell may finally be commended for his pick of Joeckel after two incredibly tough seasons following his decision to make him his first-ever draft pick.

This isn’t all wrapped up and Luke Joeckel still has plenty of work left to do to be considered among the best in the business, but so far things look promising. It’s getting me excited for the coming season and it’s ramping up the anticipation of finally seeing the 2013 second overall pick perform at a high level.

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