David Garrard believes in Blake Bortles


Blake Bortles is among just a handful of starting quarterbacks for the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise and while many of the men who were under center found little success, he’s looking to become one of the best. David Garrard, who led the franchise for a few seasons and was the last quarterback to lead the Jags to the playoffs, certainly thinks that Bortles will be able to build on a poor rookie season and work on becoming the best QB the Jags have had.

First Coast News reported on Garrard’s belief in Bortles with the former starter saying:

"He’s just really figuring everything out. Last year (laughs), he figured out quite a lot of what he needs to work on. I think it was a good learning experience for him because he went into this offseason and worked with Tom House, who really helped him work on his fundamentals."

Garrard managed to find success by limiting his mistakes and making plays both with his arm and his legs, leading one of the most efficient offenses in the NFL. Bortles will have to greatly limit his mistakes if he hopes to develop as a quarterback. Fortunately, the pieces around him may finally be in place. Garrard was quick to note that, saying, “When you have an offensive line that can keep guys off of you, you can do anything.”

The offensive line has been overhauled for the Jags and they may finally be able to field a competent unit. The guys up front will be the foundation for the Jags’ offense in 2015 with Blake Bortles leading that side of the ball. With better play around him, Bortles will be able to focus on his fundamentals and limiting mistakes, ensuring that the offense doesn’t fall apart because of him.

There’s a long road ahead of Bortles. He’s impressing his teammates, the league, and the front office with his dedication to the game. Now he’s found a believer in David Garrard as well.

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