Shad Khan Won’t Move Jacksonville Jaguars Despite Interest in London


Jacksonville Jaguars moving rumors have started to swirl again, as can be expected when the national media has nothing better to do during the long NFL offseason.

This time we can blame it solely on the latest business interests of Jaguars owner Shad Khan. Khan has reportedly been interested in purchasing London-based football (soccer) club Tottenham Hotspur FC. Noted even amongst that report is that Khan and the Spurs haven’t even been in contact with each other yet, so right off the bat we don’t need to worry too much about what Khan is doing over in England. There is a link to the NFL, however, as the Spurs intend to build a new stadium that will host two NFL games each year starting in 2018.

So, with a new stadium and a connection to the NFL and rumors about Shad Khan taking a shot at them, it’s no wonder that the Jacksonville Jaguars rumors started spreading.

Khan’s spokesman has already put out the fire by stating: “These reports are total nonsense and complete fiction.” So while we understand the rumors circulating, it’s clear that there is no justification in their continuing.

So, my fellow Jags fans, there’s no need to get worked up just yet. This rumor we’re seeing swirling about is nothing more than that and the Jaguars are going to be staying in Jacksonville for a long, long time. Aside from the nonsense reports coming out here, Khan has invested massive amounts of money in the Jacksonville Jaguars including the world’s biggest video boards and a new locker room and he has also invested heavily in the Jacksonville community. The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to remain just that. Let this complete fiction be consumed by those less informed who still think the Jags can’t fill their stadium on any given Sunday.

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