Jacksonville Jaguars Offense: Already a Step Ahead?


The Jacksonville Jaguars have already picked up new offensive coordinator Greg Olson’s offense this offseason. He’s installing his offense for the third time in his career and we are all holding our breath to see if the Jags will have better success than his past stops in the NFL.

While the final product won’t unveil itself until the start of the 2015 season, the young Jaguars offense is already impressing Olson and are picking up the offense well. That’s great news for Olson and it’s excellent news for an offense that struggled to even field a competent offensive line in 2014. Most importantly, how second year quarterback Blake Bortles understands the offense will dictate how well the team does. Last season, his rookie campaign, saw far too many miscommunications with his wide receivers under OC Jedd Fisch’s system. Olson, who has spent a lot of time with young quarterbacks, should be developing this year’s offense around Bortles’ strengths and understanding.

So far, that’s translated to a smooth transition for Olson, Bortles, and the Jacksonville Jaguars offense.

Honestly, anything will likely be better than the offenses fielded under Fisch. Olson doesn’t have a track record of excellent offenses, but he does have extensive NFL experience. Having an NFL-caliber game plan and approach to the game could go a long way for the Jags. Understanding the game plan and the system could put the Jaguars a step ahead in offseason preparations. As we all hope that Bortles is gearing up for a breakout sophomore campaign, this is a good thing.

The big differences for the Jags offense this season will be experience. With rookies like Brandon Linder, Bortles, Allen Robinson, and Marqise Lee filling critical roles in 2014 the offense predictably hiccuped. With another year under their belts, those players are poised to succeed. Learning a new offense is a hurdle for most offenses and hearing that the young Jacksonville Jaguars are able to turn this into a smooth transition should put some minds at ease.

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