Bortles Ranked 25th in MMQB Quarterback Rankings


It’s July, which means we only have one more month of overanalysis and filler pieces that run rampant during the NFL’s “dead zone.” One of the most popular things to do this time of year is come up with rankings for anything and everything – positional rankings, coach power rankings, “making the leap”candidates, future power rankings… the list goes on and on. They’re a necessary evil, and they do a decent job of keeping us entertained while we wait for football to start again.

The inevitable piece we see several times during both the offseason and in season is quarterback rankings. Historically, the Jacksonville Jaguars haven’t exactly fared well in these particular rankings. Blake Bortles looks primed to change that, but he’s going to have to improve significantly off of a statistically poor rookie season.

Andy Benoit of MMQB just came out with his ranking of the 32 projected starting quarterbacks, and Bortles came in at 25:

"25. Blake Bortles, JaguarsMuch better athlete than we realize. Very possible he jumps 10 or more spots on this list in 2016."

Bortles ranks ahead of most of the retread veteran QBs (Brian Hoyer, Josh McCown), and also ahead of the two unproven rookies from this year’s class (Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston). Bortles is right where he should be honestly, as he needs to prove himself and produce at a more efficient rate in year 2.

The interesting part of the rankings lies right after where Bortles is slotted, as he sits behind fellow 2014 draft class QBs Teddy Bridgewater and Derek Carr. Teddy Bridgewater was unquestionably the best rookie quarterback in 2014, but he is ranked 4 spots behind Carr. Bortles will hopefully be ranked higher than both of them come this time next year, but I question Benoit’s judgement here if he even entertains the thought that Carr deserves to be ranked higher than Bridgewater at this point.

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