Gus Bradley 27th in’s Head Coach Power Rankings


Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley has had an uphill climb since taking over the team in 2013. Tasked with leading one of the least talented rosters in the NFL, Bradley managed to compile 4 wins in his first season, garnering praise from most analysts for making the best of a bad situation.

Year 2 didn’t go quite as planned, as the Jaguars won less games (3) and they thrust their rookie quarterback into the starting lineup, despite trying to keep him on the bench to learn for the entirety of his first season.

Consequently, it’s hard to heap too much praise on Bradley when he only has 7 wins on his resume over 2 seasons. So it comes as no surprise to see him near the bottom of Elliot Harrison’s head coach power rankings over at

"27. Gus Bradley, Jacksonville JaguarsBradley simply hasn’t had the talent that other coaches on our list have enjoyed in his two seasons in charge. The general consensus around the league seems to be that Bradley will turn Jacksonville around, provided he’s given the second-most precious commodity a head coach can possess: time. If you watched the Jags close enough last year, you saw signs this club is ready to take the next step. Bradley, who cut his teeth as Pete Carroll’s defensive coordinator in Seattle, has a positive vibe that is infectious. Let’s see what his young roster does this season."

Harrison knows Bradley was dealt a tough hand, but you can only give someone so much slack before you start holding them accountable for what happens on the field. This year will be big for Bradley, as he has easily the most talent he’s ever had to work with. Blake Bortles‘ progression in year 2 is the real fulcrum for the success of this team, but Bradley needs to continue building up a defense that slowly became solid over the course of last year.

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