Jaxson DeVille Retiring as Jacksonville Jaguars Mascot


As the first and only mascot in franchise history, Jaxson DeVille has always been a point of pride for the Jacksonville Jaguars and their fans. After 19 seasons, the man who has played Jaxson from the beginning – Curtis Dvorak – has decided to retire as the big cat in charge.

Considered by many to be the greatest mascot in American sports, Jaxson DeVille was the most consistent part of the Jaguars gameday experience since he stepped foot on the field at the beginning of the 1996 season. With only one man handling the crazy antics enacted by Jaxson, no one knows if the iconic mascot will be back with a different man underneath next season.

Regardless, the man who brought Jaxson to life, who gave Jaxson his incomparable charm and tenacity, the man who had no problem comically beating down the opposing team’s mascot – he’s now out of the picture.

Controversies aside – and boy were some of those contrived and downright asinine – Curtis was able to bring some levity and fun to games even when the Jaguars were at their lowest point as a competitive football team. Daredevils acts of ziplining and bungee-jumping from the top of the stadium to zany bits with segways and scooters, Jaxson always managed to find something entertaining to make the fans cheer during the lulls of television commercial breaks.

It’s hard to explain the importance and meaning of Jaxson DeVille to those who didn’t grow up and see him over the last 19 season, but his departure leaves a giant hole in the Jaguars identity. You’ll be missed Curtis.

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