Prowling the Web: Luke Joeckel Can Improve


Luke Joeckel is working to be the left tackle the Jacksonville Jaguars have always wanted as we look at recent articles about the Jags.

The Jacksonville Jaguars Still Believe in Luke Joeckel –

"Jaguars fans may have some reasons to be optimistic. Marrone is a highly sought-after offensive line coach despite his now-public shortcomings as a head coach. Joeckel, who busted his ankle during his rookie season, is actually getting an opportunity to sculpt his body the way he wants for the 2015 season instead of spending the time in rehab."

Luke Joeckel is Making Progress – ESPN

"“I see great progress, I really do,” Marrone said. “Not just out of him but out of everyone. He’s put on some extra weight which has been good weight, some lean muscle mass. Obviously it’s a challenge for all of us learning a new system, but I see him progressing and getting better each day.”Joeckel hasn’t performed to the level expected of a No. 2 overall pick. The main reason is the fractured ankle that cost him 11 games as a rookie in 2013 and meant his first NFL offseason was dedicated more to rehabbing than getting stronger and fixing any technical issues."

Johnathan Cyprien Knows He Needs to Improve – Florida Times-Union

"So far, Cyprien hasn’t lived up to the expectations the Jaguars had for him when they made him the first pick of the second round in the 2013 draft. General manager Dave Caldwell had offers for the pick, but he feared if he traded down, he’d lose out on Cyprien so Caldwell turned down the offers and took the safety from Florida International.Cyprien was supposed to be the first building block in coach Gus Bradley’s bid to build a Seattle-type defense."

Winners and Losers of Jaguars’ Offseason so far – Bleacher Report

"According to the Florida Times-Union, Bradley had this to say about Johnson’s performance: “Storm had been doing really well, and then he plateaued a little bit,” Bradley said. “We need to get him going.”It’s surprising to hear that Johnson “plateaued” in practice. He’s shown significant promise throughout last season, and finding out that he’s almost struggled at times was an unexpected occurrence."

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