Luke Joeckel: How Good Will He Be in 2015?


Luke Joeckel is getting positive public feedback from new offensive line coach Doug Marrone. Marrone has plenty of experience on the offensive side of the ball, turning in impressive offensive units with the New Orleans Saints and the Buffalo Bills during his time as a coach.

So, when he praises Luke Joeckel, we can hope that it’s actually because Joeckel is doing good work. Per ESPN’s Michael DiRocco, Marrone said that Joeckel has “put on some extra weight which has been good weight, some lean muscle mass. Obviously it’s a challenge for all of us learning a new system, but I see him progressing and getting better each day.” That’s good news for a Jacksonville Jaguars unit that has underperformed (to put it nicely) recently and has heavily affected the whole offensive system.

The added weight is important for Joeckel. He has failed to be at top physical form during his first two seasons in the league. His first year was cut short with injury after just a month and his second year he was never able to get into top condition before the season began. At times he was playing below 300 pounds, trying to stop some of the most gifted big athletes in the world from getting at the quarterback.

Conor Orr at noted that “Joeckel, who busted his ankle during his rookie season, is actually getting an opportunity to sculpt his body the way he wants for the 2015 season instead of spending the time in rehab.” This is critical for such a young offensive lineman and someone who is expected to be the anchor for the whole unit.

In 2015, he may finally be able to turn in a season he can be proud of.

From what we have seen and heard so far, I think it is fair to assume that Luke Joeckel will no longer be a failure on the Jaguars’ offensive line. He’s taken his lumps, he has a season of experience on under his belt, now he has a full offseason of proper progress. Considered the best prospect (or second best behind Eric Fisher) the year he was drafted, Joeckel may finally be able to show why everyone thought he could be great.

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