Doug Marrone is Creating an Impressive Jags Offensive Line


Doug Marrone came to the Jacksonville Jaguars this offseason to head up the offensive line. It’s a bit of a step down for a man who was the head coach of the Buffalo Bills just months before, though he chose to step down from that role and try his hand with the Jags instead of continuing.

It’s an odd situation for a career coach, but it should pay off for the young Jaguars.

Marrone has plenty of experience in the NFL, having been a coach in the league for nine years. He knows what works and what doesn’t and he’s spent time working with the big guys up front. He’s come to know how to get things done with young, adaptable players.

So when we hear things about the Jaguars offensive line getting better, chalk it up to the work Doug Marrone is putting in. Sure, there’s a healthy dose of coach-speak at this point in the offseason, but right now we’ll have to take what the coaches give us and trust things are getting better. There have been some offseason additions to the O-line, but it will take some molding to get them to play together as a cohesive unit.

New offensive coordinator Greg Olson is impressed with the way the unit is looking so far. He noted it after the fifth day of OTAs.

Here’s what offensive coordinator Greg Olson had to say after the fifth day of OTAs:

"In my time in coaching, I’ve never been around a group on the OTAs where every guy comes out to the practice fields and they’re over here individually trying to better themselves…They’re an extremely intelligent group and they work well together, so it has been encouraging."

For those of us that may not think Olson is the greatest OC in the history of football (because, well, he isn’t) this may not sound impressive. It is, however, an improvement for a Jaguars unit that has been so young and proven so detrimental in recent years. The offensive coaching staff has been overhauled this offseason, so expect good reports coming out of practices and expect gains for the Jaguars when the 2015 season rolls around.

Doug Marrone is doing work for the Jaguars and the rest of the coaching staff is noticing. Expect big things from a unit that can really only go up after allowing a team-record 71 sacks last year.

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