T.J. Yeldon “Definitely Has It” According to Paul Posluszny


T.J. Yeldon may just have that “it” factor that so many coaches and personnel people are searching for. Coming in to start at running back as a rookie, Yeldon continues to impress the Jacksonville Jaguars coaching staff during OTAs.

Perhaps more importantly, he’s impressed the leader of the Jaguars’ defense. Paul Posluszny has seen a lot during his time in the NFL and while he’s putting running back after running back into the ground, he’s learned a thing or two about what a good runner looks like. According to Poz, Yeldon is the real deal. “He looks really, really good there. It’s, ‘How does a guy move in space? How athletic is he?’ That’s what stands out. With him, he definitely has it,” he says according to Jaguars senior writer John Oehser.

That’s high praise for a rookie from such a respected member of the Jaguars defense and as one of the true tackling machines left at the linebacker position in the NFL. He knows what the running back position is about and if Yeldon can impress him, he’ll certainly impress the opposition as well. (Hopefully to the tune of 100+ yard games and multiple touchdowns during the season)

So far this offseason we’ve focused a lot on what Yeldon brings to the Jaguars offense and how that will affect balance for that side of the ball. Blake Bortles could use the help and the team will benefit from having a reliable runner for the first time in a few years. Based on what we’ve been hearing so far this offseason (and keep in mind it is the offseason so we should discount things or take them with a grain of salt) we may want to raise our expectations a little bit for Yeldon. The Jaguars could have a true starting running back capable of a 1000 yard season for the first time since 2011.

That would be huge for such a young offense.

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