Blake Bortles Could Turn in a Special 2015


Blake Bortles has a lot of work to put in before he goes from the worst quarterback in the NFL to one of the best. He has a lot of work to put in before he’ll even be considered the best from his draft class.

Fortunately of the Jacksonville Jaguars, it seems that Bortles is putting in the time to right his game.

But progress isn’t all about working with throwing gurus, coaches, or even taking steps in OTAs. Blake Bortles has to make sure that he is implementing the things he is learning at every step of the offseason program that he and the Jaguars are implementing. It isn’t about a month of progress or a few weeks of good workouts. It’s about a holistic approach to becoming the best football player he can possibly be. The best in the business – guys like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees – are disciplined athletes and individuals who strive toward perfection not just on the practice field or on game day, but during every phase of their lives.

Blake Bortles needs to take a page out of their books and live his life that way.

For being a young player entering his second season, though, he seems to be doing just that. Based on what we know, Bortles is working hard to complete his total package this offseason. He’s working out with the right people, he’s committed to showing he is the leader of the Jaguars despite his inexperience, and he’s proving to be more disciplined than some of the big young name quarterbacks in recent years.

While we don’t want to get caught in comparing Bortles exclusively to guys like Johnny Manziel, it’s important to note that he is doing everything right for the himself and the Jaguars. He is showing that he understands what it means to be a professional. He is no longer a student-athlete. He is now dedicated to doing one thing over and over and over and that one thing is leading his football team from the most important position in the last 25 years.

It isn’t just the media and the Jaguars organization that is heaping praise on Bortles. His teammates have noticed the change as well and are impressed with the results so far. “ou could see the progression as far as the ball [being delivered quicker as receivers are] getting out of your breaks, the spirals, the timing down pat as far as his releases of the ball.” says Allen Hurns per Michael DiRocco of ESPN. Allen Hurns is one of the guys who needs Bortles to step up in year two. As Bortles goes, so goes the passing game.

More importantly, as Bortles goes so goes the Jaguars.

So far, he’s doing everything right. It could shape up to be a special 2015 for him if things continue to go his way.

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