Michael Bennett Is Putting Draft Behind Him, Ready for Work


Michael Bennett had a surprising fall down the 2015 NFL Draft and landed with the Jacksonville Jaguars on day three. It’s a tough break for a guy many considered to be a top talent at the defensive tackle position and while it is certainly something that could spurn many players, it appears the rookie defensive lineman is already putting it behind him.

He’s ready to get down to work and it seems that the Jacksonville Jaguars are a near-perfect landing spot for the guy. “The guys here, the coaching staff, the city – I love everything about it,” Bennett is quoted by the team’s site.

Bennett will figure to be a bigger part of a strong defensive tackle rotation. Despite being a later round pick, he’s going to come in with high expectations for himself and from the coaching staff. So far, he’s greeting everything with a smile, saying when he signed his contract, “I can say I’m officially an NFL football player, and I’m in the right place for it. I still have a lot to do and a lot to grow with. I’m happier than I can remember, and I’m in the right place, so I’m just excited for the future.”

That future could be bright for him. He’ll be working with stud defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks, learning how to play the game like one of the best in the business and he’ll be a part of a group that is regarded highly both in Jacksonville and across the league.

It’s exciting to think of Bennett coming in and being an impact rookie even if he has limited snaps each game. So far he’s already moved past the spurn at the 2015 NFL Draft and is looking forward to the exciting opportunities that come with playing on a young team like the Jaguars.

Michael Bennett will have plenty of opportunities to prove himself. It sounds like he already has the right mindset to get to work.

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