Dante Fowler Jr. Tears ACL: Twitter Reacts


Dante Fowler Jr. won’t play in his rookie season after tearing his ACL on the first day of the Jacksonville Jaguars minicamp. It’s a tough break for the third overall selection in the 2015 NFL Draft and it’s a tough break for the Jaguars, who were hoping to make him a centerpiece to a much improved defense in 2015.

Instead, it’s all sorrow and sad news for the Jaguars and their fans.

We take a look around Twitter to see how everyone reacted to the Dante Fowler Injury.

Sometimes it’s just best to blame it on a higher power.

Even people covering other teams wish bad things didn’t happen to people like Dante Fowler.

Flip a coin.

#BecauseJaguars makes a comeback, well #BecauseJaguars

It’s a tough day for all of us.

Disbelief is sometimes the best way to attack terrible news.

Optimism and support could be the way to go for now.

Sometimes Jacksonville Jaguars stats are just the worst. Way to pile on, ESPN.

Perhaps the saddest news is that Fowler didn’t even sign his contract before the injury. Good thing it shouldn’t be affected!

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