Chat About T.J. Yeldon With Chris Hale of Bama Hammer


We’ve been talking a lot about T.J. Yeldon, the Jacksonville Jaguars’ second round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft lately.

Expected to come in and work, Yeldon is figures to be a prominent part of the offense for the Jaguars going forward. He’ll be part of a deep running back position, giving him plenty of opportunities to carry the rock and rest his legs.

We chatted with editor Chris Hale from Bama Hammer about Yeldon’s past at the University of Alabama and his future in the NFL.

B&T: What do you think is T.J. Yeldon’s best trait from his time at Alabama?

CH: My favorite thing about Yeldon doesn’t really have much to do concerning his on the field abilities. Definitely not saying those aren’t there but his humbleness was great. Yeldon was a really quiet kid during his college days and it seemed he really just concentrated on football. Most of the kids nowadays are having fun on Twitter and even though Yeldon had an account, you never really heard anything out of him. He never had any off the field issues, either.

B&T: How do you see his collegiate success translating to the NFL?

CH:Playing against the competition in the SEC week in and week out is about the best preparation you could have for the NFL. Of course, the competition in the NFL is a whole lot better but the SEC isn’t a joke. Yeldon had a great career against some tough teams and was the first true freshman to rush for over 1000 yards at Alabama. When you think back to some of the running backs that have came through Tuscaloosa, that’s not an easy feat. Yeldon glides like on ice with his lateral movements and it seems the same way when he finds a hole to go through. He’s got the frame to add a little more mass to help him go against some of the bigger defenders in the league. I think if he does that, it will only help him that much more.

B&T: Where did you think T.J. Yeldon may end up in the NFL? Is Jacksonville a good fit based on what you saw him do in college?

CH: I think Jacksonville is a great place for him as well as the Jaguars organization. The Jaguars ranked right around 20th in rushing last season and Yeldon has the ability to improve that ranking. He may have an acclimation period getting used to the NFL but he has the hunger to succeed. He comes in with a chance to make a difference and I think he can strive on that. He’s deadly on screen passes, can run through the middle or glide on those lateral movements to do whatever needs to be done.

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