2015 NFL Draft: TE Ben Koyack Coming to the Jaguars


Ben Koyack, tight end out of Notre Dame, has been selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars with their final pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

At 6’5″ and 255 pounds, Koyack is a big receiving target for the Jaguars. He put together a four year career at Notre Dame with his 2014 season yielding a career best 317 yards, 30 receptions, and two touchdowns (he had three TDs the year before).

Considered a late round selection coming into the draft, the Jaguars drafted Koyack after picking up big bodied receiver Neal Sterling just a few slots ahead at the top of the seventh round. The Jaguars are taking chances on two guys with high upside, though Koyack has a more defined position and may be more polished.

Bringing Ben Koyack to the Jaguars also bolsters the blocking at the tight end position. The Jaguars still retain a number of tight ends with quality blocking ability, chief among them being Marcedes Lewis. Koyack may be the future there, though. He is a polished run blocker right now and will immediately help out on the line on running downs if called upon.

The receiving potential was less tapped during his time at Notre Dame. Koyack is raw as a receiver but could develop into a strong target if he works well with NFL coaching. I think that his athleticism isn’t super high so it may take some time, but he is a disciplined player and the coaching should help turn him into a NFL-caliber receiver.

Lacking receiving production at Notre Dame and not really standing out as an athlete, Koyack may be seen as an unsexy pick. I like it, however, especially as he could develop into something better. He’s got potential written all over him and he could be molded into whatever the Jaguars want. With his big size, that could be as a quality blocking and receiving tight end.

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