2015 NFL Draft, Grading AFC South Picks: Marcus Mariota


The Tennessee Titans must really love Marcus Mariota.

At one point early in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Tennessee Titans were fielding impressive offers from both the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles for those teams to take their number two overall selection to select Oregon QB Marcus Mariota. Those deals included a franchise quarterback, multiple first round picks and others, and a stud defensive lineman (from what we know in reports). There may have been more, there may have been less. No matter what was happening on the phones, the Titans felt they had their man in Mariota and they pulled the trigger.

You’ve got to commend them for that. Personally, I would have taken the trade.

As we cover the Jacksonville Jaguars here at B&T, we’ll also keep our eyes on the rest of the AFC South and how they are doing. All four teams had picks in the first round this year so we’ll take them one at a time and grade them out from our perspective, starting with Marcus Mariota to the Tennessee Titans.

B+. . QB. Oregon Ducks. MARCUS MARIOTA

I like Marcus Mariota fine. I think he’s a bit of a project at quarterback, so taking him at the second overall pick doesn’t immediately make them better than where they were with Zach Mettenberger entering his second year. What makes this a better pick, though, is the fact that Tennessee stated boldly that they like Mariota enough to reject massive trade deals and go with him. It’s a huge sign of confidence in their new franchise quarterback and it’s an indication that the Titans have a plan for the future and are sticking with it. With great trades and great players available I think they could have come away with a fantastic 2015 NFL Draft had they played their cards differently. Instead, they get a franchise QB. That’s not so bad.

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