Adrian Peterson Rumors: Vikings GM Rick Spielman Won’t Change Position


Adrian Peterson thinks he’s driving the negotiations with the Minnesota Vikings to get himself traded to pretty much anywhere. General manager Rick Spielman thinks otherwise.

As adamant as Spielman and head coach Mike Zimmer have been about not trading their stud running back, rumors continue to circulate that Peterson could be with anywhere from two to six teams by the end of the week. The Arizona Cardinals seem to be the top landing spot with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Dallas Cowboys as distant seconds (some say they’re completely out of the running).

The fact of the matter is, the Vikings expect Peterson to honor his contract and play out with the team. He’s a Viking or he’s riding the bench.

Frankly, the fact that Peterson is able to command this much attention and drive a market for his services despite his team being unwilling to trade him is a testament to his ability. But after one year out of the league, it’s astounding that he continues to draw so much attention and interest.

His team isn’t trading him, he’s going to be in his 30s going forward, and he’s a year removed from football. That doesn’t seem like a set up for a great year in the NFL.

It’s good that Spielman and Zimmer continue to stand strong on Peterson. I commend them. It would be a shame to see him navigate his way away from a team that has stood by him his entire career.

We won’t find out of Spielman and Zimmer are bluffing until the 2015 NFL Draft this weekend, but it seems to me that they’re going to expect Peterson back in purple and gold for the season.

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