Mike Mayock Links Amari Cooper to the Jacksonville Jaguars


Amari Cooper’s linking to the Jacksonville Jaguars has been steadily growing as we near the 2015 NFL Draft. As the best receiver in his draft class (Kevin White challenged for that title, though), he could be a stud receiver to able to help Blake Borltes usher in an era of competent offense for the team.

Mike Mayock is trying to help that thinking along as well, suggesting that the Jacksonville Jaguars will be the landing spot for Amari Cooper.

Mayock highlighted the fact that Alabama’s Cooper was the safer pick of him and West Virginia’s White and that the Jaguars need someone to stimulate the worst scoring offense in 2014. Discussion of taking a pass rusher in this spot was also mentioned.

The Jaguars will be weighing a couple of different needs during the 2015 NFL Draft and chief among them will be the balance of offense or defense. The Jaguars’ front office has said they will do everything in their power to make sure Blake Bortles can succeed as their quarterback this offseason and so far that is exactly what they have done. Guys like Jermey Parnell and Julius Thomas didn’t come cheap, but they are major upgrades at positions that proved to be liabilities last year.

There’s no reason to suggest that the team will suddenly stop doing so during the draft.

Amari Cooper would be a continuation of the offseason focus on arming Bortles and we would be remiss to overlook the fact that the team did go out and help Bortles just like they said they would. We shouldn’t expect GM Dave Caldwell to suddenly focus on the pass rush purely because there are good pass rushers available.

There are good players available at every position when you’re picking third overall. Having a stud wide receiver may go as far or farther than a stud pass rusher. Caldwell will have to figure out what he most wants for the team.

We, unfortunately, won’t likely know until April 30th.

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