Are the Jaguars Ready to Move on From Justin Blackmon?


Justin Blackmon continues to grab headlines, despite not taking a single snap in 2014.

The wide receiver is suspended indefinitely by the NFL for violating the league’s substance abuse policy three times and while we fans continue to perk our ears up whenever his name is uttered, it may be time to start thinking about a Jacksonville Jaguars squad that won’t feature the talented wide receiver.

General manager Dave Caldwell recently said that Justin Blackmon is not in the team’s 2015 plans and they will be moving on once again. Blackmon has to apply to the NFL for reinstatement still and the Jaguars were hoping for news of that before the 2015 NFL Draft. Since there has been none, this is the pragmatic approach for the franchise.

Speaking at the Jaguars’ pre-draft luncheon, Caldwell also said, “I’m not disappointed [at not hearing any news] I think you guys are probably more disappointed than I am.”

That statement seems to be the truth of the matter.

For many of us fans, it’s tough to move past Blackmon. He was a sure-fire superstar when the Jaguars drafted him in 2012. He flashed a ton when he was on the field. It was obvious that talent eked out of every pore on his body.

That kind of potential is tough for us to move past when we don’t have to make tough football decisions every day. That kind of potential is tough to see languishing far away from the football field. It’s especially tough when a player like Blackmon could help his team so much.

The Jaguars, however, are already moving on from Justin Blackmon.

The 2014 NFL Draft saw the Jags take two receivers in the second round with massive potential. Allen Hurns was added to the mix as an undrafted free agent. All three have the ability to be great receivers for the team going forward. They represent the future receiving corps sans Blackmon. Allen Robinson, Marqise Lee, and Hurns are the guys Blake Bortles will be connecting with over the next few years. Dave Caldwell put that in motion a full season ago.

His mindset is that the Jaguars need to keep improving now. They need to keep getting better.

Blackmon and his off field issues don’t help the Jaguars get better. At best they serve as a distraction and headline grabber.

Dave Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley aren’t in a position where the team can afford to wait around for Blackmon to sort his life out. They have moved in.

Maybe it’s time for us fans to move on too.

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