Eric Weddle Feels ‘Highly Disrespected’, Jaguars Should Reach Out


Eric Weddle is one of the premier free safeties in the NFL right now and he is coming off another stellar season with the San Diego Chargers.

Entering his final year of his contract, it’s shocking that the Chargers aren’t making every effort to keep him in San Diego.

Instead, Weddle feels “highly disrespected” by the team he has called home for his whole career. With the Chargers seemingly bungling both Philip Rivers’ contract and Weddle’s, the Jacksonville Jaguars should pounce.

While there is a ton of speculation around trading for a 30-year old running back named Adrian Peterson (you may have heard of him), a bigger hole on the Jaguars’ roster is at free safety. Weddle is sitting out of his team’s voluntary workouts in protest over how he is being handled by his team, despite wanting to stay with the Chargers. He wants to retire as a Charger.

Sometimes, however, things just don’t work out exactly how a play would like.

While I don’t see Weddle walking away from the Chargers, if the team doesn’t value him then the Jaguars should reach out. If the Chargers are in the mood to deal the talented free safety, then the Jaguars could sacrifice draft picks (which are precious, but so is getting a top safety with years left in his career) to finally fill the major hole in their secondary. While most mock drafts have the Jaguars picking a stellar defensive end in the first round, landing a player like Weddle (even if it is for a first round pick) would be a fantastic feather for GM Dave Caldwell’s cap.

For now, this is just optimism. There’s no sign to indicate that the Jaguars are going to reach out and there is no sign to indicate that Eric Weddle will consider another team at this point. He has years left of good football in front of him and the Chargers still have a year left to get a deal done with their star free safety. The Jaguars could certainly use him and another team’s loss could be their gain. If Weddle is feeling disrespected now, he may as well think about going to a team that can show him the appropriate amount of respect.

We’ll have to see where Eric Weddle and the Chargers are later in the offseason. It isn’t uncommon for star players to skip voluntary workouts in favor of making a point.

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