Denard Robinson Could Lose Starting Spot in Draft


Denard Robinson deserves more touches at running back. In 2014 he proved that he knew how to be an NFL-caliber running back despite being in just his second season not playing quarterback. His flashy runs at the University of Michigan were enough for the Jaguars to take a chance and see that he had the potential to grow into a professional ball carrier.

As the 2015 NFL Draft approaches, hopefully the Jaguars don’t pull the plug too soon.

Toby Gerhart is being moved to a more hybrid fullback role so Denard Robinson should see more touches at tailback. That said, there is speculation that the Jaguars will be targeting a running back early in the draft. With plenty of quality options available, Robinson may find stiff competition at his the position he has been working so hard to learn.

Recently, B&T co-editor Daniel Lago chatted with Denard Robinson and asked about the emphasis that is being placed on selecting a running back. Robinson, in true professional form, said, “If we can get a guy who can run the ball and do the things they can do that would be good, we’ll see what they do.”

While it would certainly be good for the Jaguars, it may not be great for Robinson.

We had a chance to see that he could really be an effective force at the position during 2014 and we hope that we can see more of that in 2015. If the Jaguars select a running back early on, they won’t be having that player sit on the bench and Robinson will certainly lose some touches to that player. Marc Sessler at believes he could be under threat of losing more than that: his starting job.

Honestly, you have to expect that it’s a possibility. While I would love to see a running back by committee approach in Jacksonville, the truth is that the running backs near the top of the second round are starting caliber running backs. If this was the 1990s, they would be first round draft picks. These are guys who can run big and they can shoulder the load for a team. Robinson is still proving he can do it. These guys can do it right away.

Melvin Gordon, Todd Gurley, Jay Ajayi, Duke Johnson, Tevin Coleman, these are players who are groomed to be future stars at the running back position. Robinson is still trying to remake his image after a star career at quarterback at Michigan. If he can’t do it fast enough then he may end up losing his starting job.

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