Luke Joeckel: Bigger, Stronger, Ready to Play


Luke Joeckel is getting his first full offseason of work and while there is still plenty of time left before the preseason and regular season, Joeckel is excited to get things going on his terms for once.

The young left tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars was providing steady work at right tackle before he broke his ankle his rookie season shortly after shifting to the left side. 2014 was his first full season of work and he didn’t seem quite right.

Now, he’s finally getting ready the way he wants. The team’s website highlights this fact, attempting to quell fears that Joeckel may return to the starting lineup for 2015 as a liability. With quarterback Blake Bortles blatantly abused by opposing pass rushers in 2014, it is key for the Jaguars’ offensive line to improve.

Luke Joeckel knows that and he knows he is among those who need to get better. 2015 is looking more and more like a make or break year for the offensive tackle. The Jaguars are unlikely to move past the second overall pick from just two years ago for 2015, but they may be eying 2016 as a possibility if things don’t improve.

To that end, it’s important for Joeckel to prove he is healthy and can play better. So far so good, according to Joeckel, saying, “It’s been going really well. Having a healthy offseason has been huge.” Right now, we may have to take him at his word. He also said adding strength and weight are the primary focus right now.

That may just be what the doctor ordered for the Jaguars.

A bigger, stronger, and healthy Luke Joeckel could be exactly what Blake Bortles and the rest of the offense needs to move forward in 2015 and beyond. Joeckel’s first injury threw a wrench in the works of the rebuild and the Jaguars need their cornerstone to start playing like it.

Health. Strength. Size. Sounds like a perfect start to me.

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