Which 2015 Jaguars Draft Needs Should be Priority?


2015 Jaguars draft needs were partly addressed during free agency’s first couple weeks. The team added a number of players who can immediately come in and fill voids, most notably at linebacker with Dan Skuta, right tackle with Jermey Parnell, and at free safety with Sergio Brown. They also added upgrades with tight end Julius Thomas and defensive back Davon House.

That’s great for a team with holes across the board.

The signings also eliminated a few Jaguars draft needs right off the bat.

The Jaguars needed that as they geared up for the 2015 NFL Draft, particularly as the players they will be bringing in as rookies may not have immediate success. While the team finds itself with another top-five draft pick, even top picks can take time to develop.

As we build up to the draft, it’s important to remind us all of priorities. Getting a premiere pass rusher would seem prudent, but is it the position that has the most priority. Where does value and need best meet? Over at NFL.com, Lance Zierlein put together a list of five draft needs for every team. The Jaguars are listed as needing offensive linemen, cornerback, running back, safety, and linebacker. I can’t disagree with any of those. Here’s the analysis from the article:

"Free-agent addition Jermey Parnell should help stabilize the RT spot, but there is room for improvement across the interior of the Jaguars’ offensive line. To challenge for a playoff spot, this defense will have to find better cover corners and free safety help to battle against the likes of the Colts. It would be quite an upset if the RB-starved Jaguars don’t look at that position."

Often times we think of the Jaguars going after a wide receiver or a pass rusher with the third overall pick and as great as that is to think of, we need to also think about team needs. Even if the Jaguars do go after a pass rusher or wide receiver with the third overall pick, expect them to target some need positions in the following rounds. I personally think that offensive line help – particularly competition at left tackle and center – will be key for the Jaguars’ offensive line. Running back is also critical for bringing balance to an offense that couldn’t really get things going on the ground for most of 2014.

There are a host of good players at most of the positions of need for the Jaguars. While I don’t see a high round linebacker being taken by the Jaguars, expect them to prioritize running back and perhaps a flexible defensive back for free safety and corner help.

I break down the priority of needs in this order:

  1. free safety
  2. running back
  3. offensive line
  4. pass rusher
  5. cornerback
  6. linebacker
  7. wide receiver

While the Jaguars draft needs may not be met in that order, the team could use quality additions in those positions in order. As the 2015 NFL Draft approaches, though, expect pass rusher to still be considered for the third overall selection and then the team to settle into its priority order. GM Dave Caldwell is playing it close to the vest for now and the draft is unpredictable as always, so expect things to appear different from all of our own proposals.

We’ll have to see what happens starting April 30th.

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