Jacksonville Jaguars Waive FB Bradie Ewing, Have New Plans for Toby Gerhart?


The Jacksonville Jaguars have made a lot of big moves this offseason, but it’s some of their lower-key transactions that have raised the most questions. After waiving fullback Will TaÊ»ufoÊ»ou earlier in the offseason, the Jaguars just waived Bradie Ewing, the last FB left on the roster.

So what are the Jaguars doing? Are they going to target a fullback in the draft or undrafted free agency? Is there a guy out there on the streets who could fill the role? Or are they switching over to an offense that doesn’t utilize a fullback?

NFL Insider Ian Rapoport has another idea, and he is insinuating that Gerhart will help fill the void as the lead blocker in some situations.

After signing a relatively big contract last offseason to become the primary ball carrier, Gerhart saw his first season in Jacksonville turn to disappointment thanks to a severe foot injury early on in the season. Some have suggested the Jaguars might part ways with Gerhart after one season, but the team hasn’t shown any signs of cutting the veteran running back. As Rapoport notes, there has been some talk of moving Gerhart into more of a fullback or H-back role where he blocks and works out of the backfield as a receiver.

I’m under the impression that the Jaguars will target a running back fairly early in the draft, possibly the 2nd or 3rd round, which means the team is going to have to juggle playing time for a rookie, Denard Robinson and Gerhart. It makes sense to try and utilize Gerhart in some way because he does present some value. He’s a versatile back who can pound the ball between the tackles, block on passing downs, and he’s shown the ability to be effective catching the ball out of the backfield.

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