2015 NFL Draft: Jaguars Looking to Acquire 3 First Round Picks?


The 2015 NFL Draft promises to be as exciting as any other and as the team all jostle for the best position to restock their rosters with young talent, some teams will come out ahead and some teams will come out behind.

If you’re the Jacksonville Jaguars, you’re trying to come out ahead so that the team can really progress in the future.

With the Jaguars seemingly locked into Dante Fowler Jr. at number three overall, observers around the NFL may overlook the fact that general manager Dave Caldwell is still looking to move back in the 2015 NFL Draft and acquire more picks.

Hays Carlyon at the Florida Times-Union hasn’t forgotten, though. He recently came up with a proposed situation to get the Jaguars three first round picks with their eyes on the 2016 NFL Draft and not just this year’s. Yes, that’s three first rounders in 2016.

It’s a bit farfetched, but that doesn’t stop Carlyon from explaining how this can happen in multiple ways. As you can expect, many of them involve Marcus Mariota and his speculated fall past the Tennessee Titans and past the New York Jets. If this were to happen, he argues that wide receiver becomes more valuable for teams like the St. Louis Rams in the 2015 NFL Draft, enabling the Jaguars to move backward, followed by another move backward as a team wants Mariota.

Where the logic gets rather fishy is when Carlyon suggests that the Philadelphia Eagles moving up 10 spots for Mariota “without surrendering a crippling package of picks, although the 2016 first-rounder would certainly be included.” At this point, based on what Chip Kelly has said, the Eagles aren’t in the market for Mariota (though we all think he’s lying). That said, we don’t know that the Jaguars would demand a 2016 first rounder for the trade and we don’t know that other teams are willing to surrender that much for a Marcus Mariota type quarterback.

The market for draft picks will certainly be exciting to watch in the build up to and during the 2015 NFL Draft, but if the Jaguars are acquiring picks willy-nilly, I’ll be shocked. To me, this is a farfetched dream that seems highly improbable and like far too much mastermind-ing for Dave Caldwell. Don’t get your hopes up, Jags fans.

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