Melvin Gordon Visiting Jacksonville


Melvin Gordon, running back out of Wisconsin and one of the top two backs in the 2015 NFL Draft, is scheduling a pre-draft visit with the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is just one of many visits the productive running back is scheduling through the pre-draft workup.

The Jags are in the market for a running back, particularly after missing out on DeMarco Murray during the early part of 2015 NFL Free Agency. The Jaguars want to use Toby Gerhart in a more versatile role and, after another disappointing season rushing the ball, the Jags could use another player to come in and immediately impact the running game. Gordon, Jay Ajayi, and others are intriguing options for a team that is still wondering if Denard Robinson can transition into being a full time NFL caliber back. Gordon would instantly come in and lead the running back group for the Jaguars. With the third overall pick and the fourth pick in the second round, the Jaguars may be ideally positioned to pick Gordon up if he slips out of the first round. Other teams with late first round picks may be eying Melvin Gordon for themselves, however.  

A late round chance on Gordon would be a great way for perennial contenders to guarantee that they have a back for the future that they can lock up with that extra option. While the running back position on the whole continues to be undervalued, this year’s strong class may see some teams be more than willing to take a shot earlier than usual. If he’s around at 36th overall, expect the Jags to seriously weigh Gordon’s value with the team.

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