3 Most Interesting Proposed NFL Rule Changes for NFL Annual Meeting


NFL rule changes happen infrequently, but it’s always fun to take a look at what teams and the league are proposing to change about the game. The NFL Annual Meeting will be on Sunday in Phoenix, Arizona. At the NFL Annual Meeting, 23 proposed rule changes will be discussed with four proposed changes to bylaws.

While there are always a host of proposed changes, only a few ever really get addressed with just a handful of those making their way onto the field. For a list of more proposed rule changes, check here.

Below, we’ll list the three most interesting NFL rule changes of the 23 proposed.

1) Fixed camera along the sidelines and endzones. Brought forward by the New England Patriots.

This seems like a logical move for the NFL. Too often we’re left wondering if a call could have been overturned if the camera had just been in a better position. While the NFL currently relies on broadcast cameras, this would add another supplementary asset in looking at calls along the lines. It seems like a no-brainer for most of us who have seen our team hurt by poor camera angles or views. Get on it, NFL!

2) A bonus 50-yard field goal to be attempted after a successful two-point conversion. Brought forward by the Indianapolis Colts.

50-yard field goals are hard. two-point conversions are hard. This seems like an interesting take for teams who are far behind to take a chance to catch up faster. Then again, it could just lead to a whole lot more six point touchdown drives rather than sevens as teams seek those extra three points that could give them an advantage. It would be shocking if this passed as it would shake up the whole scoring system of the league and give teams with big-leg kickers a greater advantage and immediately improve their value. Interesting, just doesn’t seem possible.

3) Pushing the point after attempt to a 15-yard attempt. Brought forward by the New England Patriots.

Points after have become mundane, yes. They are very rarely missed in the era of specialized kickers and teams are generally seen as getting seven points right when they enter the end zone. Pulling the point after to 15 yards changes the margin of error a bit and brings back the original challenge intended in the point after. It’s an intriguing change that tends to come up and, honestly, is a lot more reasonable than the Colts’ proposal.

NFL rule changes will likely make more news after the annual meeting on Sunday.

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