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Sep 14, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas (80) celebrates after catching a touchdown pass during the first half against the Kansas City Chiefs at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

TE Julius Thomas, 5 Years, $46 million

Thomas is the big catch for the Jaguars. He’s the guy they really wanted in free agency and they went out and got him. He’s expected to come in and immediately be an impact starter for an offense that really struggled to get the ball going through the air last season. He isn’t expected to be the main blocker (something he isn’t especially good at) but he is going to help Blake Bortles and improve the receiving corps as a whole.

One of the best parts about the Julius Thomas signing is that in signing him, the Jaguars proved that they can be a place where top-tier free agents want to come. Jaguars free agency 2015 really proved that Jacksonville is building something appealing here.

Thomas is expected to be a major impact starter and he’s expected to kickstart the offense. That’s a lot of responsibility for a young player, especially one with just two seasons starting under his belt (and not even full seasons). His 24 touchdowns over the time period were too much for the Jags to ignore, however, and it’s tempting to think of him hauling in passes for the team. There are some injury concerns, especially with his ankles, but if he can stay healthy the Jags have a major shot at becoming a far more dominant offense (not that hard, honestly). I gave this signing an A- as just bringing him here is a major success for the Jags. We have to expect him to continue to produce, however.

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