Jaguars Free Agency Primer: Most Cap Space Available


Jaguars free agency is going to be huge in 2015!

With news of news already seeping out, the Jacksonville Jaguars are seemingly poised to have a solid outing, picking up key role players and at least one superstar. Here’s who we know the Jags are set to bring in when the 4:00pm EST window finally opens (reported figures added when applicable):

We’ll know more about what these players are worth in the Jaguars’ eyes when the 4:00pm window rolls around and the team is able to announce official deals. Thomas promises to be the biggest hit for the Jaguars.

But the Jags have plenty of money to spend. With about $66 million in cap space, Jaguars free agency promises to be a bonanza of signings as the team racks up players who can step in and help fill voids immediately. That $66 million is more than any other team in the league, coming in at roughly $3 million more than the Oakland Raiders, who have the second most cap space to spend this offseason. From there, it’s a big drop to the Tennessee Titans at about $43 million to spend.

So, on Tuesday when you’re hearing all kinds of big names and role players signing with teams, know that the Jaguars are seeking out the best fits that they can and will be more than willing to take the occasional gamble. Whether it’s on an unproven right tackle like Jermey Parnell or on a defensive tackle who just came off a down year like Jared Odrick, the Jags are in a position to take some chances and find those home run hits that will set the team up for success.

We’re just hours away from finding out who exactly the Jaguars will bring to Jacksonville, but Jaguars free agency has never looked so bright. The deals will have to be structured well to ensure the team doesn’t break the bank in the future, but keep that $66 million figure in mind as they go about their business. There’s plenty to spend and plenty to be hopeful about as a result.

Go Jags!

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