Jaguars Free Agency: Can They Sign Top-Tier Free Agents?


Jaguars free agency speculation is running rampant and we here at B&T can’t help but be swept up in the swell of opportunity and hope that the 2015 NFL Free Agency period brings with it. The fact is, the Jags have so much money to spend it’s tough not to want them to spend it on pretty much anybody.

Some top considerations for the Jaguars are:

With so much money to spend, pretty much anybody is an option, though. So I decided to take a look around the web and see who the top talents available are and try and develop a priority system for the Jaguars. It’s all well and good to talk about signing some quality players, but is it realistic to take all of them?

My favorite rankings that I found are from Gregg Rosenthal and Chris Wesseling at They, like me, are using a tiered system for thinking of free agents. So, where do targets like Suh, McCourty, Thomas, and Cobb rank on their tiers? Right up there with the best of them.

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Of the five top-tier players that Wesseling and Rosenthal have compiled, four of them (those listed above) are probably targets for the Jaguars. (the other is running back DeMarco Murray) That makes four players that the Jaguars will be competing against nearly every other team in the league for. That’s not just one big fight or bidding war, that’s four big concerns at once.

Obviously, GM Dave Caldwell’s mind has got to be spinning. Either that or he’s already got it figured out and has his top targets prioritized. These players are all major difference makers and the Jaguars would love to have at least one of them. Missing out on all of them would be a crushing blow to the rebuild and national perception of the Jaguars. Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley have managed to make the Jaguars approachable and appealing to free agents in past years, but after just seven wins in two seasons you’ve got to think this gets a little bit harder.

As the Jags pursue free agents, the potential future Jaguars will be weighing the dollar signs with the rebuild. The offers from the Jaguars will have to be stellar and they will have to be big. It’s tough for even some of the best teams to sign big name talent.

Difference makers will command a lot of attention. We Jags fans should buckle in because this could be a wild ride in free agency.