Jaguars Draft 2015: Edge Rusher or Bust?


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Jaguars drafting edge rushers has a murky history. There have been a number of busts and under-performers for the team in past years, but with a deep pass rushing crop coming out in the 2015 NFL Draft, you’ve got to expect the team is feeling optimistic about its chances of landing a premiere pass rushing threat. Whether it’s a

trading back and still having a combine star available

or sitting tight at number three overall and being able to take

one of the players who has been consistently considered the best since day one

, the Jaguars have got to feel confident they’ll land a guy they can rely on.

But what if they aren’t available? What if guys like Vic Beasley, Randy Gregory, and Dante Fowler Jr. slip through their fingers. Can the Jaguars draft a quality player at another position that they will be as confident in?


Right now there is a lot of hype around edge rushers (as there often is following the NFL Scouting Combine), but the Jaguars and Jags fans shouldn’t get carried away with the hype. This isn’t an edge rusher or bust type of draft. While it’s a deep crop of players, there are certainly other options available. At three overall, the Jags are in prime position to do what they want. If the team trades back, however, they have the potential of missing out on a player they may really, really want.

Or they could land a talent at another position that fills a hole as well.

Whether it’s a young right tackle, safety, or a surprising first round running back, the Jaguars will have their pick of quality players to fill needs. Ideally the team is picking the best available player, but occasionally a marriage of need and talent just happens. Right now the Jaguars will be looking to add quantities of talent as well as quality. That means they may be looking not for the difference maker, but rather multiple players who can come in and be starters right away. They’re looking for starters who are able to fill voids and make plays where the young guys who were supposed to develop in 2014 simply couldn’t.

With free agency still upcoming, don’t be shocked to see the Jags fill a need before the draft comes around that opens them up to take their pick of talent no matter their draft position. Pass rushers are valuable, but they aren’t the be all end all of the NFL draft. Some are among the best free agent signings of all time.