Are the Jaguars Going to Target Ndamukong Suh?


With by far the most cap room in the entire NFL, the Jacksonville Jaguars should be big players in free agency this offseason.

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Taking this into account, it’s natural to connect the Jaguars with some of the bigger free agents out there. Guys like Denver Broncos tight end

Julius Thomas

and Green Bay Packers wide receiver

Randall Cobb

make sense – the Jaguars desperately need to add some high-level veterans to the offensive side of the ball – but what about probably the best overall player expected to hit the market?

CBS Sports writer Jason LaCanfora expects the Jaguars to go after Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

"Count me among those who believe Jacksonville makes a very strong play for Ndamukong Suh, who is prized to make more money than anyone else in this free agent class. The Jags will be looking for a high-end pass catcher as well. If they ended up with either Randall Cobb or Julius Thomas I would not be surprised in the least."

Suh is likely going to end up with the biggest contract of any player this free agency period, as he should because he’s one of the best defensive players in the entire league. Still, does it make sense for the Jaguars to bring in Suh?

The obvious answer is yes. The Jaguars quite frankly have no elite players on either side of the ball. Their best defensive player in Sen’Derrick Marks is coming off serious knee surgery. Signing Suh to take over for Marks makes sense, and he’ll instantly be the best player on the entire team.

So yeah, go ahead and sign Suh. The Jaguars certainly can afford it, and it shouldn’t stop them from signing a couple of other guys to fill in other positions of need. Ultimately I don’t think he’ll end up in Jacksonville, but I certainly wouldn’t be upset to see Suh in black and teal.