Jaguars Front Office Continues Lobbying for Justin Blackmon


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Justin Blackmon’s situation with the NFL remains the same. The talented wide receiver with off field problems remains indefinitely suspended by the league, but with hopeful news consistently coming about Blackmon’s rehabilitation over the past year, the Jacksonville Jaguars have begun lobbying on his behalf.

The Jags are in a delicate situation. While they don’t want to rely on Blackmon – and haven’t, with three rookie receivers emerging in 2014 – they are willing to welcome him with open arms if he is reinstated. Ultimately, though, it is up to Blackmon to work on getting back to the Jags. The mentions by general manager Dave Caldwell and other members of the front office, while well and good, have no guarantee of working.

Recently Dave Caldwell mentioned the good reports coming from Blackmon’s camp in an interview with PFT LiveHe noted:

"The reports I’ve gotten second-hand is that he’s doing the right things and engaging in the program and he’s really trying to make positive strides in his life. Our thoughts are with him.We’ll welcome him back if he does all the right things and hopefully the league shows some urgency in trying to focus on him and he shows some urgency in trying to do the right things. Right now, those reports are positive."

Lobbying for Blackmon’s return can’t hurt for the receiver and the consistent positive mentions from the front office is about the best that Blackmon can hope for. He knows that he will have a spot with the team if he returns and he knows that the team is willing to work with him when he comes back.

Now, it’s up to him to make their mentions and lobbying worthwhile.

The Jaguars are, ultimately, lobbying for something that is out of their hands. The NFL and Justin Blackmon must reconcile before the Jaguars can welcome one of their first round draft picks back into the fold.

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