Jacksonville Jaguars Super Bowl 50 Odds: Lowest of Low


Super Bowl 50 is about a year away but it’s never too early for Las Vegas to look ahead. Oddshark has listed the Super Bowl Futures odds and it isn’t pretty for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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In fact, the Jaguars have the longest odds of any team not named the Oakland Raiders. This, despite finishing ahead of both the Washington Redskins (100/1) and the Tennessee Titans (100/1).

Take a look below for all of the odds.

"Seattle Seahawks 5/1New England Patriots 7/1Green Bay Packers 8/1Denver Broncos 10/1Dallas Cowboys 14/1Indianapolis Colts 14/1Philadelphia Eagles 20/1San Francisco 49ers 20/1New Orleans Saints 22/1Pittsburgh Steelers 25/1Arizona Cardinals 33/1Baltimore Ravens 33/1Detroit Lions 33/1Atlanta Falcons 40/1Carolina Panthers 40/1Chicago Bears 40/1Cincinnati Bengals 40/1Houston Texans 40/1Kansas City Chiefs 40/1Miami Dolphins 40/1Minnesota Vikings 40/1New York Giants 40/1San Diego Chargers 40/1St. Louis Rams 40/1Buffalo Bills 66/1Cleveland Browns 66/1New York Jets 100/1Tampa Bay Buccaneers 100/1Tennessee Titans 100/1Washington Redskins 100/1Jacksonville Jaguars 200/1Oakland Raiders 200/1"

For us Jags fans it is always a bit depressing to see the absolute lack of optimism that surrounds the team outside of Jacksonville. While nobody in their right mind will be picking the Jaguars to win the Super Bowl, some more respectable numbers would be appreciated.

But, hey, apparently we aren’t a very tortured fan base because we have never had much success (according to this incredibly subjective list).

Hopefully the odds will improve after the 2015 season starts and the Jags can show some marked improvement. It’s about time that Gus Bradley, Dave Caldwell, and their shaken up staffs find some success after starting their time with the Jaguars struggling to just 7-25. It would help immensely if Blake Bortles can make a leap in his second year playing quarterback in the NFL. The Jaguars will only do as well as their quarterback moving forward and they put all their eggs in Bortles’s basket when they selected him third overall last year.