Doug Marrone Brings Much Needed Experience, Credibility to Jags


The Jacksonville Jaguars have essentially been an experiment under general manager Dave Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley. Tack on an excellent owner with little NFL experience and it is pretty apparent the Jags are trying to find their feet and get things together to be a competitor. There was no bigger example of this than the less than stellar play of the offense (to put it nicely) under former offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch. With Fisch’s firing, the Jaguars are hoping to revamp their entire offensive coaching staff.

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Doug Marrone is a major step forward.

Marrone was the head coach of the Buffalo Bills just a month ago and he brings experience and credibility to an offense that looked more like a college unit than a pro one over the last two years. He won’t be replacing Fisch at OC, but will instead be handling offensive line duties and has the ceremonial title of assistant head coach tacked on for good measure. He’ll be filling the spot vacated by George Yarno, who missed last season due to cancer. The Jags line underperformed all year and need the extra help.

This is great for Bradley and the Jaguars.

All of us have heard that people want to come to Jacksonville and work under Shad Khan and Caldwell. We’ve heard how great it is to play for Gus Bradley. Now we’re seeing some quality coaches with some serious chops coming down to Jacksonville to work with the team as well. Former head coaches don’t take over offensive line duties lightly. There’s something going on in Jacksonville that got him interested. That’s the power of a quality work environment.

If this is part of mass hiring that will give the Jaguars a much needed revamp along the offensive coaching staff, then I am incredibly pleased to see one part of it come together.

Marrone is an immediate upgrade on the offensive line and walked away from a solid outing as a 9-7 head coach in his second year with the Buffalo Bills. Hopefully he’ll be able to turn the offensive line from a liability into a strength in his first year with the Jags.