Jaguars Fantasy Defense Turns In Third Best Week 13 Performance


Jacksonville Jaguars fantasy owners (so many of you!) who happened to have the Jags defense starting against the New York Giants came away looking like geniuses.

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The Jaguars managed to sack Eli Manning four times (Sen’Derrick Marks with two) and force three turnovers (all fumbles) while having to defend against the Giants for nearly 35 minutes. Through that time they allowed 24 points.

All that hard work put the Jaguars fantasy defense in third place so far for week 13. Unless the Miami Dolphins can utterly dominate the New York Jets in their Monday night game, the Jags will have just turned in a pretty solid fantasy performance.

For a team that has traditionally prided itself on its defense, it’s good to see the Jaguars turning in another solid performance. It’s also good to see them get a little bit of attention outside of the football field (if the fantasy arena really is separate from the football field) and garner a bit more attention. The Jaguars don’t usually have a lot of fantasy leaders in any weeks, so it’s good to see them rocket up the board a bit.

Per ESPN’s scoring leaders, the Jaguars finished behind the Rams (29 points) and Vikings (25 points) with 22 points for week 13.

For those who may be impressed, keep in mind this likely won’t happen multiple weeks in a row, especially with the Jaguars taking on some much stronger opponents in the coming weeks. If you’re desperate for a defense (which you shouldn’t be) the only safe game to start the Jaguars fantasy defense will likely be their matchup against the Tennessee Titans in week 16.

For now, though, you can kick yourself for not having the foresight to start the Jags D against Eli Manning and the New York Giants. All the experts were saying they were going to blow up, after all…