NFL Week 13: Jacksonville Jaguars Fans Must Stay Patient


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It’s already Sunday and the Jacksonville Jaguars will be taking the field against the New York Giants in a winnable game in just a few hours.

This is one of the few winnable games left on the schedule for the Jaguars and they should take advantage. The Giants are looking to end a major losing skid against the one-win Jaguars and they have the talent to do it, but they are in a serious slump and if the Jaguars can somehow manage to not play with too many mistakes, this is their game to lose.

But whether they win or lose, we, as fans, must not lose sight of the long-term goal. We must stay patient.

This was never going to be a playoff year.

This was never going to be a 9-6 or even an 8-8 season.

We got swept up in the offseason just as we always do. We bought the coach speak. We built our hopes on four wins in the latter half of last season.

The truth is, the Jaguars simply aren’t there yet.

Whether they still only have one win after this game or if they have two, it’s all about finding out who will be fixtures for this team going forward. It’s about getting reps for our future stars, role players, and depth players. It’s about finding out what pieces need to be replaced and which players just shouldn’t be a football field.

For that, we need to see them play. We need to see them try to compete.

Honestly, it’s going to be ugly. Hell, it’s been ugly all season. Yet we endure it all because we are Jaguars fans and we know that there will be something better in the future. We hope for it to come sooner rather than later, but at this point in the season, with little more to play for than pride, we need to take a deep breath and stay patient.

If this was 2016, we’d be having a different discussion. But for now, let’s focus on finding out what can work for the Jaguars in the future.

A win against the Giants would be nice too.