Can Denard Robinson Put It Together Against Steelers?


Denard Robinson is becoming frustrating to watch. He obviously has the talent to break plays open and he has the patience and vision to take what the defense gives him when there isn’t the opportunity to break the play open. He flashes in each game for the Jacksonville Jaguars and he has earned the extra reps he’s been getting at the expense of Toby Gerhart. But he has yet to put it together.

Can he do it for Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Rant sports thinks that Robinson can be the “X Factor” for the game against the Steelers. Writer Michael Compton explains:

"Head coach Gus Bradley continues to emphasize that Robinson’s flashes are earning him more touches and an expanded role in the offense. But he is still listed as the No. 2 running back behind Toby Gerhart, who has yet to live up to expectations or the size of his substantial contract. Bradley is backing up the claim as Robinson played a career-high 36 snaps against the Chargers last week compared to 21 for Gerhart.A gifted runner with the potential to become a dangerous playmaker, Robinson has made little impact thus far — he has carried the ball 20 times for 66 yards (3.3 average) — but is deserving of shouldering a heavier load for a team that set a franchise record for fewest rushing yards (1,260, 78.8 yards per game) in 2013."

I strongly disagree that he is deserving of shouldering a heavier load for the Jaguars. The 3.3 yard average that Robinson is providing isn’t promising. His talent is certainly promising, but if he’s still averaging just 3.3 yards per carry then it’s obvious that he isn’t able to put his talent together with the opportunities he’s been getting.

A former quarterback, Robinson has transitioned to running back due to pure athleticism. He was a major threat with his feet in college and the Jaguars have hoped that he could be come a major threat with his feet only at the NFL level. While he has the skill and the football acumen, there is definitely something holding him back.

I point to the offensive line and Toby Gerhart’s failures behind them as one reason.

I’m still searching for another reason why he simply has not made the impact the Jaguars have been hoping for.

Each week, though, I get excited and think that he can have a big game against the opposition. Maybe it’s my undue expectations at this point in his career. Maybe it’s too much to hope that the flashes he has given are more than flashes. Maybe it’s just optimism. Who knows?

Either way, I still come back to expecting more from Robinson. I hope he can put it all together and become a true running back. I hope that it happens against the Steelers! Will it? I’m crossing my fingers and hoping beyond hope. Just like usual, Denard Robinson has drawn me in. This could be the week!