Chad Henne vs the Indianapolis Colts


It’s going to be tough for Chad Henne to will the Jacksonville Jaguars to a win over the Indianapolis Colts, but he’s got to do it in this game or he may find himself riding the bench for the rest of the season. The subplot for the game will be Chad Henne vs the Indianapolis Colts’ defense. As much as I am eager to see rookie Blake Bortles take the field, I don’t expect it to be this week and I am not certain he even wants to get in there only to be pounded into the grass like Henne has been the last few games.

Henne played in one game against the Colts last season and completed 58% of his passes for 331 yards, a pick, and a TD. I think that’s about all we can expect from him again as the Colts come to town. He shouldn’t be too worried about the pass rush as the Colts have only one sack after two games, so he may be able to scan the field, make the good reads, and get the ball down the field.

Henne needs to show that he can win games for the Jags or this over. For us fans it’s a big deal if Henne does well or does atrociously against the Colts. If he does well then we may expect to see him the rest of the season. If he does poorly, we may see the future of Blake Bortles sooner than we expected before the season started.

Quarterback controversies wear on a team and the sooner the coaching staff (who apparently think there are good things coming from Henne) see that the current starter just isn’t up to par, the better.

I would love to see Henne rip into the Indy secondary for heaps of yards, a few scores, and no picks. But looking at the past history and start of the season, don’t expect any fireworks. Daniel doesn’t even expect a touchdown. I can only hope we get at least one in there through the air.