What’s Next? Chad Henne Must Win


We’ve talked a lot about the need for Chad Henne to play well for the Jacksonville Jaguars. More importantly, however, Henne has to put some W’s up. At the end of the day it is what’s on the scoreboard that matters, not how many complete passes you had or how many touchdowns your threw. Henne is now openly fending off Blake Bortles to keep his starting job. To do that he must show that he can lead the Jaguars to a win because, quite frankly, he isn’t going to be doing it with his arm.

I have admiration for Henne not calling people out in the 10 sacks that the team allowed last week against the Washington Redskins. I admire his ability to recognize that things are going badly and be willing to accept that it is an all around problem, including himself.

But it’s time for Henne to step up and be the thorn in everyone’s side. It’s time for him to call people out and get everyone on the same page. I don’t want to see a stoic quarterback on the sidelines watching his team fall apart around him. I want to see a Tom Brady type yelling and screaming because a wide receiver wasn’t perfectly running his routes.

Henne needs to demand perfection from himself and those around him. He needs to win. Otherwise he’ll be out of a job.

We all think that Blake Bortles plays better than Chad Henne and doesn’t have much more that he can learn from the veteran signal caller. That said, we don’t want to see him pounded into the ground a la David Carr, either. We don’t want to see the prized third overall pick decimated by 280 pound defensive linemen.

Henne must win so that Bortles can see how to will a team to victory, how to command an offense and bring out the best of the players around the quarterback.

Now, can Henne do that?