Will The Blake Bortles Era Begin in Washington?


The Jacksonville Jaguars travel to Washington, DC to take on the Washington Redskins today. As they put things together and hope for their first win, all eyes will be on quarterback Chad Henne. One question will be in the air: can the offense produce enough to win? If the answer turns out to be no, then the chants for Blake Bortles will be loud and often when the team returns to Jacksonville for the home opener against the Indianapolis Colts. Bortles shined in the preseason and all signs are positive from the coaching staff. The question is getting closer to: when will will Blake Bortles start?

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Bortles done everything that has been asked of him and then some.

Chad Henne has yet to live up to expectations. Or, more accurately, expectations are beginning to settle at a less than desirable level.

Henne needs to show that he can direct the offense more than a quarter or a half. He needs to show that he won’t settle down and be comfortable when his team is up. He needs to continue to rip it.

If he can’t on Sunday then the fan base won’t be thinking about whether he can do it for a quarter or a half. They’ll be thinking about whether he can do it at all.

This job is Henne’s to lose. He’s been told he has a season to show that he deserves it and if he impressed enough he may even keep it longer. But it’s looking more and more like the job is slipping from his fingers much faster than anybody could have anticipated. Last week’s stats aren’t bad. Last week’s stagnant offense, however, was quite terrible.

So, will the new Blake Bortles era begin this week? Can Henne hold onto his job for one more full game at least?

I doubt he’ll be replaced mid game barring injury or barring the Jags going up by 30 points with five minutes left. You’ll have to wait until the Jags come home for the real pressure to be on.