Chad Henne Needs To “Rip It”


Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne faded down the stretch agains the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, but he’ll have to return to that first quarter form for the Jags to be successful. Fortunately that seems to be in the plans under offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch.

“As much as they call it, I’m going to have to chuck it down the field,” Henne is quoted as saying when describing his need to keep passing deep. That isn’t exactly the inspiring words you hope to hear from your quarterback about taking chances downfield, but at least he knows what is expected of him and that he needs to do it. Fisch sounded far more upbeat about his passing attack saying, “He’s going to keep ripping it, and we’re going to keep encouraging him to let it rip.”

This is good for the Jacksonville Jaguars. They had their best success through the air when going intermediate or deep to Allen Hurns last game and it looks like the receiving talent will be able to keep up.

More importantly, however, is that the Jaguars need to capitalize on the deep passes when they take the chance. With a lack of a running game (two yards per carry against the Eagles) the Jags must make the defense respect its ability to still attack. You can only have so many short passes and bubble screens, especially when there is virtually no threat of a rushing attack.

Balance for the Jaguars is necessary for them to compete. I hope that the running game can pick up in the second week of the season, but there was no indication of that, especially with starting running back Toby Gerhart’s sprained ankle. It may be up to Henne to capitalize on a diverse air attack whenever called upon and to make sure that the Washington Redskins respect his efficiency as quarterback. Now, can he do it?