You just can’t win with terrible offensive line play in the NFL. Chad Henne knew that heading into the game agains the Washington Redskins, but the Jacksonville Jaguars simply couldn’t muster up enough effort to overcome personnel deficiencies at O-line. Henne’s stat line suffered and the #FreeBortles movement really took flight.

Henne was playing poorly pretty much from the start and all eyes were on backup quarterback Blake Bortles. But could Bortles have done better than Henne’s 14 of 28 for 193 yards, one pick, and a TD? More importantly, could Bortles have released the ball fast enough have avoided some of the franchise record 10 sacks allowed?

Maybe, maybe not. But the #FreeBortles movement thinks that he could have. Let’s look at some of the tweets from every depressed Jaguars’ fan’s new favorite hashtag. Just keep scrolling, my friends.

It’s going to be a long week for head coach Gus Bradley and the decision to continue with Chad Henne will be unpopular with the fan base if he does opt to stick with the original plan of Blake Bortles learning behind Henne for a full season. As some shrewd Twitter observers noted, how much is he really learning?

Though it’d be tough to bring Bortles into a  David Carr type situation that could see him sacked 10 times a game.