Why Jacksonville Absolutely Needs to Cut Justin Blackmon


With the latest report that suspended wide receiver Justin Blackmon was arrested for possession of marijuana on Wednesday night ,the Jaguars have no choice but to release the troubled wide out. He was already suspended indefinitely and now this latest brush with the law has to be the last straw. The NFL has always been a second chance league, but Blackmon has exhausted his second and third chances already. He must be released from the team immediately.

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The Jaguars have been trending upwards throughout the 2014 off season, and Blackmon has once again added shame to the franchise. I firmly believe David Caldwell will release him. With the recent Ace Sanders suspension, Caldwell and Bradley must take a strict no tolerance policy to those on the team who repeatedly fail the NFL’s drug policy. Last year LaRoy Reynolds also was suspended for a few games for failing a drug test, and the team can no longer afford to stand back and watch its talented young players waste their gifts by doing banned substances.

I understand Blackmon needs support around him, but he has yet to pay back the Jaguars for putting enough faith in him to draft him 5th overall in 2012. When on the field, it is impossible to debate the immense talent and potential that Blackmon possesses, but the sad truth of the matter is that’s highly unlikely he ever even gets a chance to make it on the field again. He has lost the trust of the Jaguars, and very few to any GM’s would even think about giving him a fourth chance to prove he can thrive in the NFL.

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  • As a fan, I loved the pick when the Jags drafted him, but now Blackmon has left the franchise with no choice but to release him. I truly do hope he gets his life back on track because he could truly be something special on the field, but as of now he has yet to rid himself of his off the field demons that have caused his once bright future to be nothing but a thing of the past.

    – Ben Thompson