Jaguars 2014 NFL Draft – Covet and Avoid: WR


Jaguars 2014 NFL Draft – Covet and Avoid: WR. Sammy Watkins is a WR the Jaguars should covet. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It is less than a week before the 2014 NFL Draft and the Jaguars have a lot to figure out. They have multiple people they pay tons of money to that evaluate talent for unlimited players from every college, big and small. I sit on my couch and have to lick the cheetos dust from my fingers so I don’t stain my laptop keyboard. Regardless, I have been studying game films, stats, scouting reports, combines, & pro days. Most importantly, I have followed my (ample) gut. Through all of this, I have completed a list of players at every position that I either covet (Ice cold Miller Lite) or wish for the Jags to avoid (Colonoscopy). With time running short, I want to get this out. I pray that I might cause someone in power to rethink a pick to make or run away from.

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Let’s review a seemingly forgotten position, Wide Receiver.

WR COVET LIST:  (in no particular order)

  1. Sammy Watkins – There is nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said. He is the most complete WR in a deep class of players. My order of want goes like this. First Clowney, then Watkins, then trade down. There are critics that say you can just wait and get another WR after Watkins. In 2007, Calvin Johnson, easily recognized as the elite WR in the draft, went #2 in the draft & many said that was fine because there was plenty of other talent available. The next 5 taken were Ted Ginn (underwhelming), Dwayne Bowe (under-achiever), Robert Meachem (Strictly “GO DEEP” kind of wideout), Buster Davis (WHO?!?), & Anthony Gonzalez (constantly injured). The lesson here is if you want the best, you have to pay the most.
  2. Dri Archer – Fast, faster, THE FASTEST! This kid has speed to kill. Is said to have soft and inviting hands. Even though he is on the smallish side, he was one of the 5 strongest WRs at the combine. He beat Sammy Watkins in 4 combine measurables. He is also a special teams specialist and we have needed on of those for a while. I want this kid!
  3. Jeff Janis – Anyone who has consistently read my past articles knows I have a serious “Man-Crush” on this player. He is absolutely perfect for what the Jags need right now. He has the build (6-3, 219 lbs) that we have needed for a while. He was in the top 5 in 40 times at the combine. Most important, I watched as he did not drop ONE ball at the combine. The best part is he hopefully should be available for one of our 5th round picks. There are some players I hope we get. I PRAY we get Jeff Janis.

WR Avoid list:

  1. Mike Evans – Much like Bridgewater, my dislike for Evans is hard to explain. I think he just reminds me of too many WRs who have come out in the past. His build reminds me of J.J. Stokes & Mike Williams, two WRs who had fine college careers but failed in the pros. His running style and the way he catches the ball reminds me of Matt Jones. I know there is an advantage to being “deceptively fast”, but sometimes it just looks like a lack of effort. He also, like Jones, looks like he has such confidence in his ability that he will just put one hand up to protect his body. That’s just bad mechanics. I will probably end up being wrong and he may have a fine NFL career. I wouldn’t take the chance.
  2. Kelvin Benjamin – There is nothing more disheartening to a team’s spirits and momentum than a dropped pass. They can kill a rally. The can prevent you from scoring a TD, or making an important first down. They just KILL ya! I saw more passes dropped by Benjamin than I would care to take risk on. I have found that RBs who have fumbling problems can be coached up and they can get better. Drops are incurable, and even when gotten mostly under control, show back up at the worst possible time. This is a young team. We can’t get past disappointments yet, especially one we bring on ourselves.
  3. L’Damian Washington– The Jags may look at this kid late in the draft for his returning ability. Don’t do it. After watching tape on him, he will not have success in the NFL with the talent that is there. There will never be huge lanes in the pros that he was blessed with in college. He is also shy to contact. The first game he plays, some coach will take a 15 yd penalty to have someone knock the snot out of him to take him out off his game. It will work. Plus, a 6-4 NFL player would never weigh only 195 pounds because thats a body that breaks. Don’t get this guy please!

That’s it for WR. This has become the 2nd most important position in the modern NFL, so we need to get this right!!

See ya next time when we focus on the rest of the offense.

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