Jacksonville Jaguars Mock Draft 03/30/2014

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As the initial wave of free agency has passed and as we are smack in the middle of pro days, the draft picture is somewhat clearer. Not saying that there is a set order to things just yet, but with each passing month the outlook on particular prospects becomes less murky.

I love doing mock drafts. They’re a lot of fun and we’ve had some very good ones here at blackandteal.com. When it comes to mock drafting mania, it’s not so much trying to predict who will go where. Doing so in the first round is difficult enough. Trying to do that in rounds 2-7 is like winning the lottery.

When it comes to mock drafting and myself, I do the best I can to match need with best available player. That’s when a team becomes most successful, is when it is able to marry the two. For instance, last year around this time, would anyone would have believed a mock draft that had five defensive backs going to Jacksonville? And of those eight picks, only three being on the offensive side of the ball?

Probably not. When approaching a mock draft, don’t make an idiot out of yourself. Don’t say, “well we need x,y,and z.” That makes no sense. Get the player who can make the most impact at a position of need.

For this mock draft, I used www.ontheclock.com/fanspeak using fanspeak’s default rankings.

Here goes my first mock draft of the season.