Jaguar Scout – Combine Notes / DT


DE Jadeveon Clowney (R) talks to the best rated DT Aaron Donald, according to the “Jaguar Scout – Combine Notes / DT”. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

What is Jaguar Scout – Combine Notes / DT, you are asking? I digested the entire 2014 NFL combine. I mean every minute. My poor DVR almost gave out! After watching all of the coverage, I’m getting antsy for May. I sat with a notepad & took shorthand notes. I had the benefit of replay. I was also watching exclusively with the Jaguars’ needs in mind. There will be some evaluations of established players. Ones I liked and some that disappointed. I also project those who moved up my board, those who got on my board because they impressed me, and players I’m projecting as potential undrafted free agents (UFA) that the Jags should invite if available. I have already let you know about the offensive players (QBsRBsWRTE, & OL). DE was the last position evaluated. No we’ll look at DT. All projections come from CBSSportsline…Thank you!!!

  • Aaron Donald (6-1, 285 lbs) – Much like Clowney, Donald looked head and shoulders ahead of the next best. He was fast, actually the fastest. He was agile. Some athletes you watch and it’s amazing how effortless they make it look. I’m still concerned about his size, but will not be if whoever drafts him plugs him in at DE or OLB.
  • Timmy Jernigan (6-2, 298 lbs) – On the other end of the spectrum. I’m sure Timmy will come into the league be a serviceable if not good defensive tackle. My problem is that most experts have him going in the early to late teens of the first round. I’m not seeing the value. For only 298 lbs, he didn’t look cut. He looked like every other untucked shirt wearin’ DL.  His movements weren’t fluid. they seemed stiff. Let me be clear, I would want Timmy on my side of the ball, just not after investing a first round pick.
  • Kelcy Quarles (6-4, 297 lbs) – It is ridiculous how big of a fan I am of this guy. If he had played with any other player the last couple of years he would be a possible top 15 draft pick. But he played with Clowney so he doesn’t get the respect he deserves. With that logic, he should be a top 5 pick because even with a underachieving Clowney, Quarles still managed 13.5 tackles for loss & 9.5 sacks. That’s pretty damn good!
  • Daniel McCullers (6-7, 352 lbs) – I’m listing Daniel because I was so disappointed that he didn’t attend the combine. Look at those measurables. Lining up against him must be like preparing to wrestle Andre the Giant! He even has ELEVEN inch hands. To put in perspective, big ole Kelcy Quarles hands are only 9 and 3/8 inches long. Amazing!

Potential undrafted free agent DTs the Jags should consider:

  • Jay Bromley (6-3, 306 lbs) – Big guy that has surprising fast gap movement. Put up a good amount of sacks from the DT position. Is projected low because of deficiencies that seems to me could be solved with good coaching. Worth a shot.
  • Garrison Smith (6-1, 310 lbs) A little fire hydrant to stop up the middle. Looks to be useless as a pass rusher, but in today’s NFL, it’s all about situational packages and substitutions. Could grow into a good DT.

There is not a lot of talent at the DT position. I really think about 8 or 9 will make some kind of difference. The Jags better get a DT in the first 3 rounds or it will all be a guessing game.

Looking for the next Marcus StroudMichael McDonald.

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